“Study trip” als Països Baixos

L’Associació Nerlandesa de Periodistes Científics (VWN) organitza una excursió internacional en nom de l’European Association of Science Journalists Association (EUSJA), que tindrà lloc del 28 de setembre al 2 d’octubre. Els temes de l’excursió seran les ciències de l’espai, l’astronomia i la física

Els membres de l’ACCC que hi estiguin interessats poden presentar la sol·licitud enviant-nos un correu amb les vostres dades personals i un breu CV. Envieu-ho a secretaria-tecnica@accc.cat o presidencia@accc.cat

Si el nombre de sol·licituds ultrapassa el de places disponibles, els organitzadors donaran prioritat els periodistes que tractin temes de l’espai, l’astronomia i la física.

Com és costum en aquests viatges, els participants hauran de pagar-se el transport fins a Amsterdam. L’allotjament, el transport per a les excursions i visites i els àpats durant les excursions aniran a càrrec dels organitzadors.

Teniu al final d’aquest escrit el programa definitiu.


Mercè Piqueras
Presidenta, ACCC



Sunday, September 28
Arrival in Leiden.

Participants need to arrange for their own transport from Schiphol airport or elsewhere to the hotel. Check in at the hotel will be possible from 1 p.m. All transport during the excursion will be by private bus. The name and exact location of the hotel will be infomed at due time.

15.30-17.00 Welcome reception and tour at Museum Boerhave
Boerhave is a museum dedicated to the history of science and medicine, with a large collection of original instruments, paintings and documents.

19.00: Dinner

Monday, September 29
08.30: departure to Delft
Visit to Airborn and TNO Space, two institutions working on space technology.

12.15 departure to Zeeland

13.30-15.00 visit to Neeltje Jans
This giant construction site, once used to build the world famous Oosterscheldedam, is now a popular science centre.

15.00 departure to Middelburg
We will visit the exhibition about the 400th anniversary of the telescope, and do a walking tour of the historic centre of Middelburg

18.00 Dinner

20.15 departure to Leiden
An appropriate movie will be shown on the bus to give the ride back to the hotel added value.

Tuesday, September 30
08.45 departure to HiSparc school
The Hi Sparc project is a network of secondary schools building their own cosmic ray detectors, which are operated by pupils of the school and produce data that are used in actual scientific research.

10.00 departure to Dutch Space
Visit to this major player in space technology. Among many other things, Dutch Space produces solar panels for satellites. Includes visit to the clean-room facility.

13.15 departure to Leiden’s historical observatory. This scientific home of giants like Kayser, De Sitter and Oort is going through a badly needed, extensive renovation.

15.00 departure to Oort-gebouw/Huygens laboratorium Top ranking scientist will brief you on the latest developments on exoplanets, astrochemistry and other focal points of Dutch astronomy.

18.30 dinner in the historic centre of Leiden

Wednesday, October 1
08.00 departure to Dwingeloo
Visit to the old Dwingeloo radiotelescope, the state-of-the art Westerbork radio telescope, the JIVE-correlator and the futuristic Lofar radio telescope.

14.30 departure to Amsterdam
A science lecture on the bus will considerably shorten the subjective duration of the ride.

17.00 reception in the Trippenhuis, home of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
Speech by KNAW-president prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf

18.30 dinner

21.00 Special feature film in Artis Planetarium

22.00 departure to Leiden

Thursday, October 2
09.00 departure to space centre Estec (Noordwijk)
At Estec, all ESA-satellites are assembled. The huge Herschel space observatory will probably still be there for final testing.

11.30 press meeting
This press meeting is part of the international telescope symposium being held at Estec.

14.00 departure to Amsterdam

15.00 Heineken-awards ceremony
The Heineken-awards are among the most prestigious science awards in the Netherlands.

departure to Schiphol Airport


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