Borses de la WFSJ per anar a Mèxic

In December 2008, in Mérida, México, the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) of México will host the International EcoHealth Forum 2008 in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada), the International Association for Ecology and Health (IAEH), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil (FIOCRUZ), the Institute of Ecological Research, Brazil (IPÊ), and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny of the University of São Paulo, Brazil (USP). The Forum will promote research, theory and practice internationally to consolidate the growing community of researchers, policy-makers, and civil society representatives. It will bring a better understanding of the holistic links between ecosystems and human health and the identification of pathways for more sustainable action and interventions. The role of transdisciplinary approaches towards discovery and sustainable solutions will be emphasized throughout.

IEF 2008 will showcase evidence of theory and practice regarding our dependence on ecosystem health. Evidence of the impact of social and ecological changes on the global environment and, in turn, on human health will, be discussed among the Forum’s delegates. Special emphasis will be placed on EcoHealth research in developing countries, fostering exchanges of lessons learned between developing and developed countries.

Conference participants – researchers, policy-makers and practitioners – will learn how project outcomes have been used by other policy-makers, stakeholders and community representatives to effect improvements in ecosystem management, disease prevention and environmental protection.

Experiences with research and practice, including methodological gaps, as well as opportunities for intervention and policy development will be presented.



Send electronically your CV, coordinates, identification pages of your passport, three articles or audio/video files on health and environmental issues (in the original language), and a one-page essay in English on why you should win this competition to:


TITLE OF YOUR E-MESSAGE: EcoHealth Competition —  

Applications must be received before 2nd September 2008. Winners will be announced on 6th October 2008.


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