Problems of doping in Sport, ESOF 2008

Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday, July 22, 2008– With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games only weeks away, the use of drugs in sport will again come under the microscope. Experts in the challenging field of detecting drug use  from a range of countries and institutions, will today reveal on the last day of ESOF 2008 how they tackle the problems of doping in sport.

“The subject is of great interest to a wide range of people as it deals with the concepts of physical endurance and the limits of the human body, and the ethics involved in sports and doping,” said  Jordi Segura, Director of the Antidoping Control Laboratory of Barcelona and Coordinator of the Research Unit in Pharmacology of the Institut Municipal d’Investigacio Medica (IMIM).

”Our presentation will discuss these issues in the context of sport becoming increasingly a means of making money, winning worldwide publicity, and achieving ‘eternal fame and glory’ – a concept that started in Greece a long time ago.”

The Euroscience Open Forum is Europe´s largest interdisciplinary scientific gathering. Some 4000 scientists, researchers, policy makers  and journalists have been attending the 5 day conference in Barcelona since Friday July 18. The conference ends today.

“In the very short term it’d be hard to come up with a piece of science that will come under as much scrutiny as doping will over the coming weeks of the Olympic Games,” said ESOF  2008 Co-chair  and Euroscience President Enric Banda. “But we need to look beyond the headlines to find solutions and this timely session does just that.”


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