Live webcasting of the Conference “Science in Society:

Live webcasting of the Conference “Science in Society: Dialogues and Scientific Responsibility”


Paris, 20th November 2008,


The plenary sessions (Monday 24 morning, Tuesday 25 afternoon) of the conference will be live webcasted:


The programme is available on the website  This is an extract:




 Welcome speech by Mr Jacques Dermagne, President of the Economic,

 Social and Environmental Council (CESE)



 Video communication by Mr Janez Potoc(nik, European Commissioner for

 Science and Research Speech by Mrs Valérie Pécresse, French Minister

 for Higher Education and Research Speech by Mrs Annette Schavan,

 German Federal Minister of Education and Research



 Introductive conference – Keynote speaker by Mr Heinz Wismann, Senior  Scientist, EHESS (FR), Former director of the Protestant interdisciplinary research institute of Heidelberg (DE) “What did we wish to know?”* *extract from Hans Blumenberg, The Legibility of the World, 1981



 – Science and science co-actors (ESC report), François Ailleret, Honorary General Director EDF, member of the CESE.

 – Improving the dialogue with society on scientific issues (OECD report), Jean-Pierre Alix, Science-Society advisor to the Presidency of the CNRS.

 – Taking Knowledge Society Seriously (EC expert group report), Ulrike Felt, Professor in Social Studies of Science, Vienna University (AT)




 Round table synthesis between the workshops rapporteurs and a panel of  personnalities



 Keynote Lecture – Dominique Pestre, Senior Scientist, EHESS (FR) “What Kind of Knowledge and Science for what is at Stake in the XXIst Century? » 16:15-17:00 Conclusive proposal by the M.U.R.S – Jean Jouzel, Vice-President of the IPCC Scientific Council and Jean-Michel Besnier, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris Sorbonne


Besides, we would like to inform you that documents prepared for the Conference are available on our website (NEWS – right frame): flyer, summary programme, workshops detailed programme, workshops presentation/speakers abstracts and speakers’CV.


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